Bidder Up!

Bidder Up!

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Farmer wants a cow! Show off your farming prowess in this game of bargaining; bidding and bluffing! In Bidder Up! (a.k.a. Kuhhandel: Das Brettspiel), you’re trading animals with other players and participating in auctions to try to collect valuable sets of animals. Use your bargaining skills to increase the value of your farm animals on the open market or during the 10 unique auction events! Be stealthy as you try to trick your opponents during the auctions into acquiring animals for your own farm, and try a new technique to outwit your opponents each time you play.

The easy-to-understand instructions make it possible to start playing right away, and you can play a game in 60 minutes. Beginner and advanced modes offer accessible game play experiences for both budding and seasoned farmers: the double-sided board presents players with two ways to play, with one side allowing for market manipulation of the value of the animals themselves.

Collect complete sets of animals, earn the most points — and win!

Perfect for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up.


What you get — Bidder Up! comes with:

  • 1 two-sided game board
  • 50 play money bills
  • 4 farmers
  • 1 spotted die
  • 4 farms
  • 30 animals
  • 10 auction signs
  • 1 supply boards
  • 1 market board with 10 animal counters
  • 1 gavel
  • 1 bag with 24 raffle tickets
  • 1 top prize
  • 6 IOUs
  • and instructions