7 Wonders: Wonder Pack (Expansion)
7 Wonders: Wonder Pack (Expansion)

7 Wonders: Wonder Pack (Expansion)

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The 7 Wonders Wonder Pack introduces four new Wonder boards that players can develop with the base game. Go discover the most beautiful places on the planet and erect one of the 4 new Wonders: 

Abu Simbel — Embalm the most powerful of your Leaders and demonstrate your supremacy thanks to Abu Simbel.

The Great Wall — Construct an immense rampart to protect yourself from your opponents and use all of these resources in order to seal your dominance. 

Stonehenge — Construct the iconic stone circle. Make a show of faith and surprise your opponents.

Manneken Pis — Erect the funniest little guy on the planet and render homage to the Belgian publishers of your favorite game, Repos Production.