MTG Commander 2020 Update: COVID-19 & WotC Delays

Greetings from the Mystical Games & Collectibles team!

Like you, we are very excited for the release of Ikoria and Commander 2020 and we hope this message finds you safe and well. 

In light of the recent social media posts by Wizards of the Coast (see here, e.g.), it has come to our attention that WOTC is unable to supply all of the Commander 2020 product by the May 15th release date they had previously set, because the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to affect their supply chain. WOTC has now announced that product will be released in waves.

As a result, and for the sake of fairness, we will be fulfilling orders in the order that they were placed. Fulfillment of the first wave of orders will begin on May 15th (as originally expected), with subsequent orders to follow as Wizards is able to make the product available. The rest of the Ikoria product release is not delayed — any non-Commander product will ship as planned. 

To be clear: Your order is guaranteed at the price you have paid. We have been in ongoing contact with our suppliers, and have been assured adequate stock to cover all pre-orders — this is a timing issue, not a supply issue. 

We recognize that the situation is not ideal, and are disappointed that our efforts to get you the product have been impacted negatively by the current global situation.

Shipping updates will continue to be disseminated from WOTC to Distributors and then on to us. We will update our community as soon as we have any new information.

Again, we would like to emphasize: we guarantee your order, and we will ship your product as soon as we are able, based on your order date.

Our sincerest apologies — and while disappointed, we thank you for your understanding.

The Mystical Games & Collectibles Team