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Commander has become one of the most popular formats of Magic the Gathering and will soon be getting more products in the near future. Some big news has landed about the future for Commander and some new products scheduled for next year. WOTC senior designer Gavin Verhey joined Command Zone hosts Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai to announce a total of 4 new products for 2020.

Traditionally a new Commander product was released yearly and quickly became one of Wizards most highly anticipated products of the year. With its growing popularity it was only a matter of time before WOTC decided to cash in and produce more products for arguably its most popular format.

The first product announced is a Commander set of 5 new preconstructed decks which will be released in conjunction with the upcoming set Ikoria, Set of Behemoths. Cards from the set will be present in the Commander decks and the decks will see a mix of both new and reprinted cards.

Two new pre-constructed decks will hit the market with Zendikar Rising. Featuring only 3 new cards these two decks will be chalk full of reprints.

Commander Collection Green will be the next specialized Commander product releasing Q3 which will see eight specialized green cards with unique art. The set of 8 cards will see both a Foil and Non-foil edition. This product seems to be somewhat similar to the Spellbook series. My guess is we will see staples of Commander like Cultivate, Kodama’s reach, Eternal Witness and Sakura-tribe elder.

(unnamed green card featuring Yisan.)

The last product announced is a draftable set titled Commander Legends. Draft booster will include 20 cards and a foil in every pack. An insane 70 legendary creatures will be included in the set, which means that with the release of the set we will have 70 more brewing options for Commander. A draftable format combined with this many new Commanders makes this product an exciting glimpse into the future of Commander.


(one of the new Commanders and favorite of Gavin, Baron Sengir)


WOTC has heard the call from players about new Commander products and it seems they are looking to deliver in 2020.

We would love to hear your feedback about the new products and what you are looking forward to. Is it too many products in an already product saturated market? What green cards will be in the Signature Series?

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